Pacific Dance Festival 2021


by Fresh Movement

5 JUN 2021 — Dance



Pacific Dance Festival


70 minutes


Includes strobe

MĀUI is a piece that uses dance, music and physical theatre to tell the stories that we grew up with and have travelled throughout the Pacific for hundreds of years. MĀUI demonstrates strength, growth, leadership and vulnerability and through movement these stores are re-told in a way like never before.

Choreographed by Hadleigh Pouesi and Christopher Ofanoa, with music by Tony O’Rourke & Gibson Harris, the production is a retelling of Maui’s legend and stories using the language of dance, projected film sequences and graphic illustrations.

“Māui – is part of the revitalisation of Māori and Pasifika stories kicked off by the film Moana”, says director, Hadleigh Pouesi.

"At such a young age we let go of the mythology, the Māori stories, the Pacific stories… Māui is about revisiting the Pacific tales that we've told in primary school and kindergarten… [and retelling them through a] more contemporary lens."

 Māui – features live music, special effects and a fusion of hip-hop, Pacific, Māori and contemporary dance.

"We take the best of the best and merge it together to create a unique flavour"


Hadleigh Pouesi



Freshmans Dance Crew



Adult/Standard 25

Senior Citizen (65+) 25

Student 25

‘Maūi’ was an engaging feat of direction and vision. Boasting a cast of around 26 members, this was a feat of commitment and dedication. Not only were the dancers talented, energetic and graceful, but they brought an exuberance and joy to their performances that was palpable and refreshing. This is a wonderful production that merges the old and the new, offering a dance experience that contains rhythm, narrative, joy and humour”.