The TelstraClear Season of

A Shortcut to Happiness

By Roger Hall

7 JUN - 30 JUN 2012 — Comedy



Auckland Theatre Company






A joyous new comedy from New Zealand's best loved playwright.
Ned's life is just tickety-boo. Sure, he's adjusting to retirement and life on his own, but he's very comfortable with his lot, thank you very much. All that changes with his offer to sort out the financial woes of Natasha, an attractive Russian immigrant. A new world of possibilities opens up for Ned as he sees these strange creatures called Kiwis through foreign eyes.

Packed with Roger Hall's trademarks of acute observation and bucket-loads of humour, A Shortcut To Happiness is about discovering the ways of a new country, accepting differences, finding love and dancing your way to happiness.
"Roger Hall is back to delight us once again. There is a clash of cultures and prejudices as a group of laid back North Shore retirees confront the strict discipline of a Russian folk dancing class. This is classic Hall - incisive, funny and full of compassion." -Colin