Pre-order drinks & ice cream

We’ve just added in a new service for your convenience.  

Beat the bar queues during your next visit to the ASB Waterfront Theatre by pre-purchasing your interval drinks at the bar when you arrive.  We’ll have them ready and waiting at our quick stop pick up, located opposite the front entrance.

You can also buy an ice cream voucher at the bar which you can later exchange for an ice cream with our friendly ice cream sellers outside the auditorium doors, or just stay in your seat and we’ll come to you!


When can I order drinks?
Interval drinks may only be pre-ordered up until 10 minutes before the show starts.

Can I pre-order hot drinks?
Hot drinks may not be pre-ordered from the bar (but may be ordered from the café for café delivery).

Where can I pick up my drink?
Pre-ordered interval drinks may be picked up from the station located opposite the main entrance.

What if there is a mix up with another customer?
Orders will only be released upon presentation of the correct receipt.

Can I use my ice cream voucher to buy a drink?
Ice cream vouchers are not transferable for any other other goods i.e. they are only redeemable for a $5 ice cream.