2018 NZCSA Tiger Brokers DreamWorks Contest

13 OCT 2018 — Musical Contest





2 hours



DreamWorks is one of the most anticipated talent shows in the Chinese community each year. It has been held by the New Zealand Chinese Students’ Association (NZCSA) for over 14 years since 2003. For our 15th anniversary, the DreamWorks production team will combine music and street culture that the youth love, to produce a special edition named “Non-place”. This special edition aims to give young people with not only music dreams, but also street dance and hip hop dreams an opportunity to showcase their talents.

On the 13th of October, our top 12 contestants will be fighting for their glory on the final night. Go big or go home!

Thanks to Tiger Brokers for sponsoring this event.

NZCSA 2018

DreamWorks Contest


Standard ticket $15