Awestruck with Jason Silva

A Think Inc. Event

15 JUN 2017 — Talks & Ideas





1 hour + 30 minutes



Futurist and explorer of the metaphysics of imagination Jason Silva is coming to New Zealand for the first time. Described as a “modern performance philosopher”, Silva is set to to expound on the power of science, technology, philosophy and creativity in Auckland as he challenges creativity, innovation, the co-evolution of human and technology, existentialism and the human condition.

Awestruck with Jason Silva will see Silva pull from a vast mental repository of tech knowledge to create an exhilarating, immediate experience. A self-described “wonder junkie, performance philosopher, and idea-DJ”, Silva has gained a huge following for his popularising takes on philosophy and the thrilling possibilities of creativity and technology. Futurist and ‘epiphany addict’, Silva likes ideas, their tenacity, flexibility, their contagious nature, their impact and their ability to expand, procreate and evolve into new ideas. 

“We use our tools to extend our range of possibilities, we use our tools to extend our reach, to extend the impact on our consciousness, to extend our will. Technology is the human imagination turned inside out.”

In June, let Think Inc. and Jason Silva pull you out of your intellectual comfort zone and launch you into a flight of possibilities.

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Think Inc. Presents: Awestruck with Jason Silva
Brought to you by AUT, Loop & National Geographic Channel
Thursday June 15, ASB Waterfront Theatre

Doors 6:30pm / Show: 7.30pm / Ends 9.30pm

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Thu 15 Jun 6:30 PM Talks & Ideas

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