Marcus McShane

Lighting Designer

Marcus McShane is one of New Zealand’s most prolific designers, having produced over 300 design and installation works. Still Life with Chickens is his first design with the ATC. In 2010, he designed Heat, a theatre piece lit by custom-built LEDs and was the world’s first emission-neutral professional theatre piece. He has five fringe awards for visual art, two DINZ awards, and five Chapmann Tripp awards, including lighting designer of the year for 2011, 2013 and 2017. In 2015, four of his works were installed as a part of the NZ New Performance Festival in New York. In 2016, he created Four Nests for the New Zealand Festival. In 2017, he completed a permanent installation, Wash, for the Tauranga City Council. Marcus has a master’s degree in philosophy which he’s philosophical about. His interests include growing vegetables, building bicycles, and reading things worth reading.