Haanz Fa'avae-Jackson


Since graduating from PIPA (Pacific institute of Performing Arts) in 2014, Haanz Fa’avae Jackson has had an explosive introduction into both the screen and theatre scene. The young actor has been working alongside many well established creatives such as Victor Rodgers, Fasitua Amosa and Rachel House. Over the years, Haanz has performed with FRESH TV, as well as a few community shows such as Meet the Fakas and The Girl from Niue Island. For ATC, he has performed in shows The Eel & Sina, and Inky Pinky Ponky. In the past year, Haanz has found his feet in the world of film and screen, featuring in commercials for V, KFC and ASB, short films, and a yet to be released tele-feature In Dark Places based on the book about Teina Pora. This has lead up to his biggest role to date, featuring in the recently released feature film Hibiscus and Ruthless, playing the pseudo intellectual, Stephen Kalahi. Haanz continues to find and pursue new heights with his fairly new passion of acting, hoping to inspire that nothing is impossible to other young fathers who are pursuing their dreams.