Black Confetti

By Eli Kent

28 JUN 2012 — Drama



Auckland Theatre Company






A new play from award-winning writer Eli Kent (The Intricate Art Of Actually Caring and Thinning).

Siggy is a Generation Y casualty. He maxed out his student loan; uni is ejecting him; his sisters are fed up with bailing him out; his loser uncle is behaving strangely; and his father, a famous seismologist, has disappeared off the face of the earth. But Siggy is clever. Siggy is curious. Together with his best mate, Elvis, Siggy is on a mission to get some adhesive in his life and find out the truth about his dad.

Packed full of big ideas and a squillion little surprises, poetry, mysteries and full-on theatricality, Black Confetti is about the death of the party and surviving the earthquakes in our lives.

"Every so often a new playwright comes along who blows your socks off. Eli Kent has been proving his worth and winning awards with highly original, complex, funny and moving plays like The Intricate Art Of Actually Caring and Thinning. We're all very excited about Black Confetti, the new work we've commissioned from Eli. Think Hamlet mixed with "Alice In Wonderland" and Breaking Bad. It's streetwise yet highly literate, very funny yet profoundly moving. Eli Kent is an extraordinary new voice in New Zealand playwriting." - Colin


Nic Sampson


Keith Adams

Baron Saturday

Virginia Frankovich