The Shape of Things

By Neil LaBute

24 APR - 17 MAY 2003 — Drama



Auckland Theatre Company






First performed by The Almeida Theatre Company. By arrangement with Samuel French Limited

When Adam meets Evelyn in a Midwestern museum, their conversation turns to the nature and subjectivity in art. As Evelyn seduces Adam, they begin to explore the nature of compromise in relationships.

Totally besotted, Adam accepts Evelyn's suggestions to change his hairstyle, go to the gym, buy new clothes and get contact lenses. But when she proposes cosmetic surgery and dumping his closest friends, Adam has to stop and think: how far will he go for love?

The acclaimed Neil LaBute has shocked audiences with his deeply unsettling take on sexual politics and his controversial films (In the Company of Men & Your Friends & Neighbours) have earned him the reputation of the heir to David Manet and Tennessee Williams.

Taking the moral sharp end of LaBute's pen into the bitchy world of Brit Art, The Shape of Things is a beautifully observed and utterly unpredictable play.