The Allusionist Live

12 APR 2019 — Talk





60 minutes


Recommended for ages 16+

"This is The Allusionist, where I, Helen Zaltzman, pull language out of cryogenic storage and leave it thawing on the kitchen counter."

As podcasts go, award-winning British show The Allusionist is a logophile’s dream.

Ever heard of Toki Pona (said to be ‘the smallest language in the world’) or indefinite hyperbolic numerals (‘zillions', 'jillions' or 'squillions’)? Have you questioned Western yogic deployments of ‘namaste’, opening lines on dating apps, or dating systems of the BC, AD and BCE kind? Producer and host Helen Zaltzman is here for you.

A veteran podcaster with the long-running, hugely popular indie podcast Answer Me This! in 2007 – Zaltzman started making The Allusionist in 2015. In each episode, she rumbles with language with infectious verve and a generous helping of pop culture.

In 2019, Zaltzman brings her witty, effortlessly informative show to New Zealand for the first time, with musical support from Martin Austwick. Join her for a fascinating and irreverent adventure into the world we make with words.

Awards for The Allusionist:
 Smartest podcast award at the British Podcast Awards 2018
 Best Education Show at the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards 2017
 Apple Podcasts’ Best New Podcast of 2015

Seating for this event is general admission in the ASB Cube, accessed via ASB Waterfront Theatre.


Adult $25